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About MixEngines

What is MixEngines?

MixEngines emerges from the idea of mixing the results that provide various search engines in order to increase the chances to quickly find whatever you are looking for.
MixEngines IS NOT a search engine, MixEngines simply provides a single interface for search results from some of the major search engines in the world.

All major web search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have subtle differences in their search algorithms and indexing, it is determined that the results provided are almost never the same, when we look at a single search engine lose potential information. Moreover, combining these results enriches the experience of the end user.

Technology implemented on the website.

MixEngines utilize best free software and respects the W3C web standards. Among the technologies used on the website are: Django, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap among others.

Thank you.

As our most fervent hope is that this website is useful to you, we expect you to help us with your ideas, suggestions, criticisms or reports using this form.

Thank you very much for using MixEngines!!!